Free Mike Malloy


Dear Truthseekers,

Mike Malloy here with some important programming changes for our Progressive Voices audience.  If you are a regular listener, you know how much I detest the corporate takeover of America.  I hate what it’s done to workers, to our safety, to our independent media, to our health care, to our environment – to our entire way of life.

Well, now I’m doing something about it.

February first is Liberation Day for the Malloy Show!  We are leaving corporate-owned media behind and will be heard live exclusively on the NON-Profit Progressive Voices Network.

What does that mean? It means WE control the sponsors, WE control the content, and WE control the length of the breaks.  Say goodbye to endless commercial breaks for prostate shrinkers, hair growers and get rich quick schemes. Instead, when we need to break to have Molly help us with our homework or go to the bathroom, you’ll hear great progressive content like “Hightower Radio”, “The Green News Report” and “Thom Hartmann On The News”.

And when I say we control the content – that means ALL the content. With no FCC breathing down our necks, that means when I’m ranting about that %&#@$ Donald Trump or those $#%$&$ Koch brothers, I can let it fly!  And you can, too, when you call the program!

Those awful commercials do pay the bills, so I hope you will help us in our efforts by making a donation at on this page.

The show will still be heard weeknights at 9:00 Eastern time by playing it through, or, and if you can’t listen live, there’s always the on-demand podcast, available by subscription.

So please tune into the new Mike Malloy Show, freed of the shackles of corporate media. Free at last!